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April 25, 2011
Dear Sharyn,
Due to some serious financial set backs, my credit score had suffered over the past several years. The call I made to you for assistance was the beginning of an exercise in repairing the damage that had assaulted my scores.
The mortgage lending arena is primarily driven by credit reports and credit scores. A privately owned company held the mortgage on my home at a rate of interest in excess of 9%. At the time this loan was originated, I was grateful for the option, otherwise I would have been forced to sell my home. My goal from that day forward was to take the necessary steps to achieve a respectable credit score.
Sharyn, you did an excellent job in counseling with me on every account on my reports. I knew exactly what documentation I needed to supply in order for you to get the accounts to a current and accurate status. It was amazing to me that the derogatory items on my report were all deleted after you sent disputes to the creditors. This would be very difficult for the consumer to accomplish without the assistance of a professional such as yourself.
The reward for the work you did on my behalf came last week when I refinanced my house at a competitive market rate which will save me more than $90,000 over the fifteen year life of the loan! I am very relieved to have closed the chapter on less than stellar credit.

Thanks to you and SOS for helping me with this process.

Cindy Client/Banker, TX